What's in a name?

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Perhaps you’ve noticed the recent rebranding of the “Little Red Canoe” to “Eddy and Scout”.  “Why the change?”, you ask?  It’s an exciting new turn for us as we grow our business and reach. For legal reasons, “Little Red Canoe” was limited in its ability to be used nationally and internationally, and therefore gave way to a new name: “Eddy and Scout”!  What does it mean?  I am so glad you asked! (okay, you didn’t, but I am going to tell you anyway!)  As a lifelong paddler, I have great affinity for the water and the times as both a child and an adult that I have spent on rivers and lakes canoeing and kayaking.  In my time as a canoe guide, when wrangling small crowds of newer paddlers, the act of “eddying out” becomes a very important part of the process of tackling the challenges of the river.  An “eddy” is a line that marks a part of the water where its current actually flows backward because of an obstruction, these are often found at the side of the river.  These make perfect places to teach new paddlers how to attack upcoming particularly tricky spots that will require extra skill to maneuver. The reason these are so helpful is that a boat can be paddled into a place where they are no longer subject to the pull of the current, and can use this opportunity to “scout” the line that they will run down the subsequent patch of rapids, or other obstacles.  It’s a process that I have figuratively undertaken in my life so many times, and one that I find to be a critical process in parenting, and using life’s “rapids” to cultivate character, strength, and skill for the future.

Adventure takes many forms.  My vision for the utility of Eddy and Scout clothing is to see it worn by active children whose clothing will not hold them back from truly experiencing everything that life has to offer.  Whether it is the little girl who finds that she can be BOTH the princess AND the wilderness explorer or the little boy who can go from junior violin maestro to demolition and excavation expert, I hope that our clothing rises to the challenge and that your children look great doing whatever adventure life puts before them!  We continue to strive for excellence by using durable, natural fabrics that will stand up to the rigors of childhood!  We also strive to produce our clothing in the most ethical way we can.  Because of this, the work is done here in the United States, and mostly local to Colorado.  So much of the 'fast fashion' that our children are wearing is made by some of the most underpaid and abused labor on earth.  Although we cannot singlehandedly change the entire garment industry, we are dedicated to going against the grain and choosing our contractors based on quality and ethics, NOT just pricing.


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