Little Red Canoe

"Flourish" extendable inseam leggings in Classic Black

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We have heard parent after parent lament that their child is either "too tall" or "too thin" to fit "regular leggings,  and we set to work to solve this problem, because we've had it too!  We created a unique design that allows the leg of the pant to extend from a "normal" inseam length for children who don't struggle with this issue, to any graduation up to 4" beyond that!  With a stylish "ruched" look, and an appliqued heart adorning the ankle, and a cotton spandex french terry fabric, these aren't just made for fit, but for style and comfort too!  Because of the nature of this item, please see our sizing chart, and order based on waist measurement.  No more flood pants!  Parents and style-conscious children rejoice!

Note:  Our black leggings are made from a heavier french terry knit for more durability since we know these ones will get lots of wear!

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