Our Story

Eddy and Scout was formed after some very difficult years of trying to clothe a lanky, skinny kiddo.  If we had felt that our child was the anomaly, we never would have set out on this adventure.  That was not the case.  I had heard parent after parent desperate for a pant that "was long enough, but did not fall down" or for tops that did not creep up above the wrists, or that did not show off their children's cute, but uber skinny belly.  As a mom, I went through entire phases where my potty-trained child had to wear cloth diapers to keep his pants up, or overalls to avoid the waistband issue altogether.  Shirts have always looked tent-like on my kiddo, in order to be long enough in the body and arms.  I started designing clothing that fit him, and was super soft but that still had the whimsy and fun of some of his favorite brands.  The first Hoodie was worn for THREE.MONTHS.STRAIGHT.  with washing sessions after bedtime.  Soon others started asking if they could have one, and we started on this journey!  We have spent quite a bit of time and energy creating a product that can fit almost any standard sized child, but offer that "extra" fit benefit for those who are just a bit too skinny or tall.

Our Thoughts on the value of People:

As we grew as a company, and learned what the garment industry looks like, and what our market is, we found that there were many things that we could not morally "rubber stamp" in our production.  One of those was outsourcing overseas in the pursuit of "cheap labor".  We found that, though it is not always the case, that the production of our clothing could unwittingly be outsourced to factories engaging in human rights violations, even if we were very choosy in our factory selection.  As a parent, I could not imagine my own child being forced to work in a factory instead of enjoying the adventure of childhood, and could not risk being a party to maltreatment of any other human, child or adult.  Because of this, we manufacture locally in our studio in Orange county, California and maintain a strong relationship with each of our sewers, ensuring that they are being paid a fair and living wage, as well as enjoying the rights of U.S. labor law.

What's in a name?:

Where does the name, "Eddy and Scout" come from?  As a former Wilderness guide, and an outdoor enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to see the world through nature, and the adventures therein.  As a mother, I have enjoyed the world and wilderness through new eyes, and have learned to parent through each "adventure" (whether it is potty training or navigating friend dramas or just a hike in the mountains) much as I did in my days on the river. You see, on the sides of the river are these things called "Eddy lines" that form behind obstructions in the water flow, and actually make a kind of resting spot for your boat, where the current does not pull as strongly.  Paddlers seek these out, especially before they hit an especially tricky patch of rapids, or an area that will both increase the adventure level, and challenge their skills.  This is called "Scouting".  How many times, as parents, are our jobs to do just this with our children.  Pull to the side, and help them through whatever "adventure" life throws their way?  We are here to clothe them through it!

 We take this job of clothing your children VERY seriously, and you can expect the following from us:

  *Designing for the needs and lifestyles of our young clients, paying special attention to details that matter to kids (Pockets,soft fabrics, and non-scratchy seams!), and listening for feedback on how to make our clothes the comfiest and most functional ones in the closet.

 *Offering a longer, leaner cut to extend the longevity of our clothing's wearable life for growing kids, and also serving harder to fit kids who struggle to find clothing long enough in the arms, legs, and body.  If you have a child that is taller/thinner, we've got you covered!  

  *Refusing to create miniature adult clothing.  Childhood innocence is precious to us, and we want your childrens' clothing to reflect that!  We hold high standards concerning what we dress our own kids in, and believe that there should be more options that do not include any form of sexualization, commercialization, or otherwise objectivization of children.  We believe children are full of imagination and creativity, and will always strive to create clothing that allows them to be exactly who they are!

  *Providing a workmanship guarantee on all items that bear our name so that you never worry about your kids being too rough on our seam construction.  Please ship it back to us if you find any construction defect (even after wearing!), and we'll replace it with an equal item for free! 

  *We only utilize sewing talent that has been proven to be high quality, and that we can maintain a personal relationship with if we are unable to do it ourselves.  If outside help is called in, they are paid a fair wage, and are not just contractors, but friends to us.

We're here to join you on the adventure,

Holly Willis, Eddy & Scout owner and designer